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The ‘Rainbow Nation’ of South Africa lives up to its name for foreign contractors

If there is just one thing that you associate with the Republic of South Africa, it is likely to be a splendidly diverse natural beauty that far transcends what the visitor might expect to see while wildlife-spotting on safari.

Indeed, with the likes of jaw-dropping beaches, lush vineyards and bustling cities all on offer, a worker from overseas who spends any time in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ is sure to be left with warm memories to last a lifetime.

But of course, if you are assessing the merits of becoming an independent contractor in South Africa, it is the finer details of your employment, tax and payroll arrangements that will matter to you at least as much as a breathtaking savannah or seven.

Thankfully, our expert contractor accounting solutions here at Link Global Management can take much of the stress and hassle out of your transition to living and working in the African continent’s southernmost nation.

Both opportunities and challenges for prospective workers here

While there are many good reasons to partner with our international tax and payroll experts when you are interested in contracting in South Africa, one of the best is unquestionably the sometimes overwhelming regulatory landscape that will confront you in this part of the world.

This has come to be especially wise advice in recent times, when the South African government has moved to tighten immigration rules due to the country’s sheer popularity as a destination for expatriate workers.

All of this has made operating through an employment solutions provider like Link Global Management the only truly viable and cost-effective route for those who would seriously like to secure contracts here as independent professionals.

Nonetheless, with South Africa’s IT, telecommunications and energy sectors – among others – continuing to attract great numbers of workers from abroad, you’ll hardly be alone if you do decide to take up a work opportunity in this ever-captivating and varied country.

We’ll help to keep you abreast of tax and regulatory changes

From obtaining the appropriate work visa to ensuring you always remain on the right side of all other aspects of South African immigration law, there is a wide range of aspects of your working life in this part of the world that we will be able to advise you on and assist you with.

Enquire to the Link Global Management team now about our expert contractor accounting solutions, and you will be well-placed to get the best out of your personal and professional life throughout your South African contracting adventure.



For such a historic nation, Georgia remains remarkably undiscovered by foreign workers

One part of the world that you would have probably scarcely expected to become a contractor in as recently as the early 2000s is Georgia, which sits in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

While, as of 2003, Georgia was what has been described as a “near-failed state”, the peaceful Rose Resolution changed matters drastically for this historically fascinating country, which has recently become renowned as a well-functioning market economy. Indeed, it is now consistently ranked by the World Bank as one of the easiest countries in which to do business.

But while democratic and economic reforms have largely defined Georgia’s recent past, the country also has a proud, albeit complicated, distant history, with increasing numbers of tourists attracted to its many thousands of historical and cultural monuments and other key sites, as well as its rich culinary scene. These are all perks that may await you as an independent professional in Georgia.

What kind of life can you expect while working here?

The Georgia of today has been noted as a relatively free and transparent country, especially compared to its immediate neighbors and even nearby European Union (EU) states. It should be no great surprise, then, that PEO and GEO firms are becoming ever-more active in the country to provide tax advice and payroll services to those who come here from overseas to work on a contract basis.

As a contractor in Georgia, you may be enticed by the opportunity to get up close and personal with heritage sites like Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery, survey the spectacular natural scenery of this mountainous nation, or sample the sumptuous wines and culinary delights that are so many visitors’ enduring positive memory of this country.

Then, of course, there is the capital of Tbilisi, with its cobbled streets, surprisingly well-developed nightclub culture and warmly welcoming multicultural population. Everywhere one looks in Georgia, there are reasons to be intrigued and charmed – yet, so many independent professionals are not even aware of this country’s rewards for contractors and more casual visitors alike.

We’ll make your time in Georgia so much easier

With specialized and informed help and guidance able to be provided by our highly capable and experienced tax and payroll experts here at Link Global Management, you won’t need to look to any other PEO or GEO firms if you are contemplating working in Georgia any time soon.

Complete and submit our straightforward online form, send us an email or give us a call on +44 (0)20 3908 7997 to discuss in more detail your requirements as a prospective contractor in this key gateway between Asia and Europe.





You can enjoy great cultural and monetary rewards as a contractor in Qatar

Of all of the reasons why independent professionals from around the world may take an interest in Qatar as a place to contract, one of the most obvious is surely the Arab emirate’s lack of personal income taxes levied on employee earnings.

This means that while your headline salary as a contractor in this part of Western Asia may be similar to what you could expect to command elsewhere, your take-home pay may ultimately be much higher.

However, the benefits that you can expect from a contracting life in Qatar won’t necessarily be merely financial. This is, after all, a culturally and historically fascinating corner of the globe, combining a traditional Middle Eastern feel with a stunning modern skyline and all of the amenities that you would expect from a 21st-century Western country.

Both personal and professional opportunities await you here

As a leading provider of trusted tax advice and professional payroll solutions both in the Middle East and around the world, Link Global Management is dedicated to assisting contractors just like you in their efforts to achieve a smooth transition into their new life in Qatar.

Naturally, when you do make such a trouble-free transition, you will be well-placed for not just professional success, but also a rewarding personal life.

The latter could entail almost anything and everything from reveling in the country’s burgeoning arts and gastronomic scenes to watching the sun set over sand dunes and immersing yourself in the sophisticated stimulations of the capital city of Doha. Oh, and the typical desert climate – encompassing very hot and sunny summers alongside mild winters – may be more than welcome, too!

We’ll help you to cover all of the bases when relocating here

Naturally, as is the case with other parts of the world, there are certain conditions that you must fulfill if you are to become a contractor in Qatar as a foreign national.

These include having a valid employment contract sponsored by a company resident in Qatar, as well as only working for the specific firm that sponsored you. If your services are no longer needed by the sponsoring company, an arrangement must be made to transfer you to another Qatari company – otherwise, you will be required to leave the country.

Don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and seasoned professionals

To receive help in navigating these and the other legal and cultural implications of contracting in Qatar, you are welcome to get in touch with the Link Global Management team today.

Call +44 (0)20 3908 7997 or email our experts, and we’ll be able to provide you with the legal guidance and professional payroll solutions that will enable you to focus squarely on your actual work as a contractor in Qatar – as well as, of course, the cultural charms and activities of this captivating nation.


As a bastion of Asian cultural diversity, nowhere betters Indonesia

Have you recently been alerted to opportunities to contract as an oil and gas worker, IT project manager, software developer, business analyst, tester or other independent professional in Indonesia? If so, you may be pleasantly surprised by what this proudly diverse island country between the Indian and Pacific oceans has to offer during your stay there.

More than simply a go-to holiday destination

As one might expect of a nation with Australia and the Philippines as its neighbors, Indonesia offers a consistently warm climate that has helped to make it a major draw for holidaymakers and contractors alike. However, this is far from the only factor that has long motivated those from far afield to investigate the country, which boasts a whopping 17,000 islands to explore.

After all, such other defining elements of Indonesian life as the country’s stunning natural scenery, ample opportunities for beach-going and scuba diving, and a colorful gastronomic scene encompassing a wealth of tempting and intriguing regional dishes, are of appeal to casual visitors and resident workers alike.

Then, there is the rich social and cultural diversity to consider, the large Muslim population being joined by many Christians, Catholics, Buddhists and Hindus. In short, you’ll always be learning something about the charms and complexities of other cultures when you live and work in Indonesia.

But are you prepared for the legal and tax aspects of contracting here?

The obstacles that may confront you as a prospective contractor in Indonesia are, in many ways, similar to those you might have encountered if you are already accustomed to working overseas as an independent professional. These include the need to have an employer sponsor in order to obtain the necessary work permit and work visa for your time spent contracting in this part of Southeast Asia.

Thankfully, when you partner with the right payroll processing company for your move to Indonesia, you can be sure of receiving the support that you require to thrive professionally in an unfamiliar culture, while avoiding the common tax and legal pitfalls.

You can be engaged on our payroll, in fact, so that any necessary tax and social security payments are deducted at source on a PAYE basis, and made to the relevant authorities on your behalf. You might even be forgiven for almost forgetting that you are working as a contractor in Indonesia, rather than as a conventional salaried employee.

Don’t wait any longer to get in touch with our experts

Is a contracting role in Indonesia the next big step that your career calls for? If so, don’t hesitate to give Link Global Management a call today, on +44 (0)20 3908 7997. In the process, you will receive the tailored advice and support that you need, and learn why we are such a trusted payroll processing company for independent professionals – across Asia, the West and beyond.


Albania: a truly unsung and developing contracting destination

Of all countries around the globe where you may consider taking your skills and expertise in your given field, the Southeast European country of Albania probably isn’t likely to be high on your list.

One possible reason for this is the still-developing nature of the modern Albanian economy following the fall of communism in the country in the early 1990s. Unsurprisingly, then, Albania has yet to cultivate the well-established expat community that would give it a level of parity in this regard with European neighbors like Italy and Greece.

Nonetheless, Albania is steadily becoming a more seriously considered option among many contractors from overseas. Furthermore, when you partner with Link Global Management, we can bring you the tax knowhow, payroll services and umbrella employment solutions that will help you to enjoy a fruitful time as a contractor in Albania.

A country that continues to surprise outsiders

While Albania remains one of the poorest parts of Europe with high unemployment, it would also be unfair to characterize the country solely as one struggling in the shadow of its communist past.

For one thing, Albania has long been steeped in captivating heritage and culture far predating communist rule. This much is evident across the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Berat and Gjirokaster, as well as Shkoder, which is the largest town in the north of the country and offers up attractions such as Rozafa Castle and Shkoder Cathedral. Albania has even been hailed by some observers as Europe’s next big destination for beach holidays.

As for your prospective professional life in the country, you may be surprised by the range and number of opportunities that do exist for you to contract here, such as in the engineering, oil and gas sectors. The digital field is also one to watch in the 21st-century Albanian economy, as vacancies in such areas of expertise as web and mobile development, design and marketing open up.

Take advantage of Albania’s underrated benefits as a place to contract

While it cannot be denied that much more reform and development will be needed to enable modern Albania to truly realize its economic and social potential, the country could still offer very real advantages for your own career and lifestyle if you make the most of the current opportunities here.

Why not contact the Link Global Management team today to learn more about how you can achieve the smoothest possible transition to your new life as an independent professional in Albania, including ensuring you are on the right side of the law with regard to tax and payroll matters?

Simply call +44 (0)20 3908 7997 or send us an email to begin your discussion with us about our wide-ranging umbrella employment solutions for contractors in Albania.

Many of your preconceptions will be dispelled when you contract in Russia

Russia may not exactly be a destination that looms large on the ‘must-do’ lists of very many international contractors from the West, but this is unquestionably a country that offers rewards and stimulations well beyond the income you will gather while contracting here.

Whether you refer to the country as Russia or the Russian Federation, this transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and North Asia is so much more than the largest nation in the world by area.

Indeed, the sheer diversity of Russia’s sprawling landmass is at least as captivating as its vastness, with its combination of icy Siberian wastelands, deep lakes, glacier-capped mountains, extensive forests and even alluring beach resorts offering the typical contractor here plenty to explore during their off-time.

This is without us even touching on the rich artistic, cultural and political heritage evident across the breathtaking architectural treasures of such key cities as Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. If you do choose to contract here, it is likely that you will be based in the western, European part of the country, where more than three quarters of the Russian population live.

The basics of obtaining Russian contracting roles

With opportunities available in Russia in such industries as oil and gas, software development, IT project management, business analysis and telecommunications, you may be surprised by how valuable your skills prove to be in the country.

It is generally necessary, however, for any foreigner wishing to work in Russia to hold a work permit, while the prospective employer or purchaser of work (services) must also hold a valid employer permit if they are to hire such an individual.

The Russian work permit is better known as the Russian Work Visa, and the difficulty of contracting in Russia is worsened by the fact that this permit is tied to a single employer. This means that for each new contract you take on in the country, you will normally need to obtain a new work permit.

However, this is also why you may look for an umbrella company that can serve as your permanent employer in Russia, sponsoring you for your Russian work permit to save you from having to change your permit whenever you switch to a new contract.

Let us help to relieve your worries as a contractor

Would you appreciate advice and assistance from skilled and seasoned experts in global PEO services, like those that we can provide here at Link Global Management?

We can play an instrumental role in taking much of the stress out of your Russian contracting journey, so that you can focus on getting the best out of your personal and professional life during your time as an independent worker here.

Email our team or call us on +44 (0)20 3908 7997 today, so that you can begin to take advantage of the international contracting and payroll services that most ideally suit you.


Is it desirable – or even feasible – to be an independent contractor in China?

One might have imagined that as one of the world’s undoubted emerging superpowers, China would see the benefits of making itself easily accessible to foreign investors and talent to assist in its continued growth.

Alas, while such other economic giants as the United States and Japan have increasingly embraced the use of independent contractors, this labor model has not won similar favor in China.

This can be attributed to Chinese labor laws that strongly encourage companies to directly employ workers, not least due to the requirement for such direct employees to contribute to the country’s social insurance program.

So, if you are such an independent professional and have contemplated an opportunity in China as your next big move as a contractor, is it worth persevering with a country that would seem to be so hostile to the very principle of contracting?

The world’s most populous country is also one of its most captivating

Putting aside concerns about your chances of actually securing legal and stable openings as a contractor here, China will always be a fascinating corner of the world for independent professionals from the West.

You may spend much of your own time away from work here immersing yourself in the diverse landscapes, architecture and cuisine of this East Asian country that so deftly combines the finest of both old and new.

The unforgettable Great Wall of China is certainly one reminder that China was one of the world’s earliest civilizations. However, there are also so many other time-forgotten settlements and landmarks to discover, as well as – of course – the bustling metropolises that epitomize the surging powerhouse that is China today.

We can make it easier for you to manage your affairs in China

As notorious as China may be for its less-than-welcoming attitude to contracting as a model of work, the fact remains that rewarding opportunities do exist in the country for such independent professionals. This is largely due to the country being one of the most candidate-short in Asia, characterized by high pay inflation and staff turnover.

Those from abroad who do obtain work as independent contractors in China tend to be highly qualified in their field, and usually perform their roles for foreign-owned multinationals instead of Chinese-owned companies.

To work in mainland China, however, you will need to have a work permit sponsored by the employer in China. As one of the most trusted PEO firms around the world, here at Link Global Management, we can provide the assistance and information that could be instrumental in enabling you to lead a fulfilling personal and professional life throughout your time in the country.

Contact our capable and experienced team now, and will soon be able to learn about the part that PEO firms like ours can play in unlocking the sometimes unnoticed opportunities in jurisdictions – like China – that may otherwise seem less than friendly to contractors like you.



Making sense of PEOs & GEOs: our guide

Whether as a contractor, recruiter or employer, there are various acronyms or other industry terms that you are likely to have encountered in the process of trying to devise a global employment strategy, and which you may still be unfamiliar with the meaning of.

There can be a lot of confusion, for example, about PEOs & GEOs, and what these terms really refer to – so let’s drill down into the specifics.

Introducing Professional Employment Organizations

Yes, PEO stands for ‘Professional Employment Organization’, which describes an organization specializing in outsourced HR support. You may turn to such an organization for all manner of employment management services, such as payroll administration, HR guidance and help with keeping on the right side of local employment law.

If you have previously or currently work in the United States, you may be aware of the ‘co-employment’ model used by PEO providers in the country. This model involves the PEO assuming responsibility for the legal employment and payroll element of hiring an employee, while it is the company that manages the workers’ day-to-day activities.

One particularly important, but often overlooked aspect of the co-employment model is the need for the client organization to be legally registered as a company or entity in the country where its employees are based.

However, such a co-employment format is absent outside the United States, with some countries even regarding it as illegal.

So, how does a GEO differ?

The acronym GEO refers to ‘Global Employment Outsourcing’ or ‘Global Employment Organization’. It’s a little different to the co-employment PEO approach in the United States, in that such a service does not require clients to establish an entity in the countries where they are seeking employment support.

The confusion as to what constitutes a GEO or PEO approach in various countries around the world is therefore understandable, especially given that the two do have much in common – for example, the relief of administrative HR and payroll burdens from clients.

Indeed, it is precisely because of this that whether a given organization calls itself a PEO or GEO, you should clarify with them the exact model they use.

Don’t look to any other PEO or GEO

If you are currently comparing PEOs & GEOs as a contractor, recruiter or employer, don’t hesitate to contact the Link Global Management team today about the comprehensive employee management services that we provide, and which will help you to ensure complete compliancy, cost-efficiency and peace of mind.



Could Cameroon be a fulfilling place for you to contract ‘off the beaten track’?

The reasons why you may be attracted to the prospect of contracting in Cameroon are many. This is a country, after all, that is routinely described as “Africa in miniature” due to its stellar geological and cultural diversity. However, it is also sufficiently undiscovered by tourists to offer a certain obscure appeal that does not apply so strongly to other African contracting destinations.

But of course, amid all of the jaw-dropping mountainous, forested and coastal terrain and varied wildlife encompassing the likes of elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys, you’ll also need to ensure your working and tax arrangements are above board during your time in Cameroon.

This goes some way to explaining the popularity of Link Global Management’s own services as payroll vendors and tax advisors for independent professionals from across the world who may choose to contract in Cameroon. If you are one of them, here is our rundown of the essentials to be aware of before you accept any job offer or board any flights.

We’ll give you any guidance you need with work permits and visas               

If contracting in this unsung central African country interests you, it probably won’t be possible for you to obtain the relevant work permit and work visa unless you first have an employer willing to sponsor you. This can be a tricky task if you are working independently, and even once you do find a willing sponsor, a new sponsor will be required for every new contract that you take on.

Thankfully, a work permit in Cameroon remains valid for two years, and can be renewed an unlimited number of times. Furthermore, it will be valid for another two years every time it is renewed.

Tax can be one of the most taxing aspects for independent workers here

One of the reasons why we are such a trusted source of international tax advice in the first place here at Link Global Management, is the difficulty of ensuring compliance in this regard as an overseas contractor, and our track record of helping such workers to keep on top of their liabilities.

After all, even as an independent professional in Cameroon, you may still be eligible to pay some tax in your home country, so you will need to be well-versed in the relevant legislation.

The Cameroon tax year is the calendar year, and the deadline for lodging a tax return is 15th March of the year following the income tax year. You will become a tax resident of the country when your centre of interests, business or place of abode is in Cameroon, or if you are engaged in a salaried or non-salaried activity in the country. Staying in Cameroon for more than 183 days in a calendar year will also make you a tax resident.

With all manner of aspects potentially impacting on how much tax you are required to pay as a contractor in Cameroon, it is vital that you consult reputable experts who can give you the most complete and up-to-date international tax advice. We are precisely those experts here at Link Global Management, and would be pleased to receive your enquiry.


From affordable living to a rich history, Bulgaria offers a lot to contractors

Almost two years ago on this blog, we documented some of the countries around the world that offered the most interesting opportunities for contractors.

Bulgaria was one of them, on account of the openings that it offered – and continues to offer – in such sectors as agriculture, manufacturing and electronics. But what kind of all-round experience can you expect if you do choose to contract here?

More than simply a low-cost destination

One of the key reasons why so many international contractors seek out Link Global Management’s tax compliant payroll solutions in the first place, of course, is so that they can maximize their take-home pay.

This can also be assured in large part by Bulgaria’s highly reasonable living costs, with rent being an average of two thirds lower than in the United Kingdom, and other living expenses some 40% lower, according to Numbeo.

Indeed, the noted affordability of Bulgaria has helped to make it one of Europe’s go-to value holiday destinations in recent years, further assisted by the facilities and events on offer at major seaside resorts like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. History enthusiasts are also well-rewarded in Bulgaria, however, for which Nessebar is a picturesque focal point.

Are you allowed to work in this intriguing corner of Europe?

Securing a contracting role in this European Union (EU) country is made somewhat easier for nationals of the EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland by the fact that they can work here without having to hold a visa or work permit. If you are a national from outside of these areas, you will generally need to secure relevant approval to work in the country.

If you do require a work permit, the application for one will need to be made by the intended employer, and any work permit you are granted will only entitle you to work for that specific employer.

We can assist you in remaining abreast of your tax responsibilities

The Bulgarian tax year is the same as the calendar year, and you will be regarded as a tax resident in Bulgaria if you have spent more than 183 days in the country during the previous 12 months, or if your centre of vital interests is considered to be in Bulgaria. The latter will be determined on the basis of such personal and economic circumstances as family residence, real estate owned and place of work.

We’re sure here at Link Global Management that as a contractor in Bulgaria, the last thing you will wish to have to worry about is whether you are minimizing your tax obligations in a manner that abides by the law. This is where our own tax compliant payroll solutions can prove invaluable.

Call the Link Global Management team now on +44 (0)20 3908 7997 or send us an email, and we will be delighted to provide the guidance and assistance that you may require for your transition into life as an independent professional in Bulgaria.



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