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Agency Referral

Refer your contractor to us

  • Contractor's Details

    Please enter the details of the Contractor who has given their consent for you to refer them to Link Global Management Ltd. You must confirm that you have their express consent to make this referral when disclosing any personal data for this purpose.
  • Your Agency Details

    Please enter your details and the name of your Agency you work for. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement on submission of this Referral.
  • E.g rate of pay, time of call.....
  • Please see and read our attached Privacy Statement via this link on our website: It sets out how we protect the Privacy of any Individual's Personal Data. We need you to confirm that any Personal Data provided by you has been confirmed and agreed to be provided to us by the Contractor you are referring.

    1, You confirm that you have read and accept our Privacy Statement.
    2. You confirm that any Personal Data about this prospective Contractor and individual provided on this form has been fully consented to for disclosure to and processing by Link Global management Ltd by this named individual (the Data Subject) prior to this referral and disclosure of these details on this form.
    3. You confirm and accept that we will check and verify such consent by this individual prior to discussing our prosppective services in any detail with them and may quote your business and /or name and contact details if requested by the Contractor.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We run a Link loyalty referral scheme for agencies. We can offer Amazon vouchers with a value of 50 GBP to be redeemed online at Amazon for each contractor successfully referred to us by an agency.

We will send you a credit card type voucher which can be topped up by us instantly meaning you don’t need to wait for vouchers to arrive through the post, and has a limitless potential to earn you money.


“The customer care team are dedicated to providing the required support within a quick time frame.”

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