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"What employment model or trading model should I use?”


This is probably the first question we get asked by independent contractors and international recruitment agencies.

The answer is every contractor’s situation is different. But whichever yours is, it’ll be the right global payroll solution for you to get you paid fast, tax-efficiently and with minimum paperwork.

We can get you paid in almost 100 countries via our international network. We’ve over 20 years of experience of doing this and we’re always up to date with the requirements of each country.

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This is an easy solution if you do short-term overseas contracts or don’t want the hassle of a limited company.


  • Using an umbrella company means we do all the paper work, invoicing and tax administration.
  • We act as a legally registered employer in the country where you’re working, or use one of our in-country partners, as your umbrella company.
  • Basically, we contract with you as if you were our employee. We then invoice your end client, take payment and sort out your taxes. Then we pay you through our payroll.
  • You get full employment rights in that country and paid as a PAYE employee. But you get more in your pay packet than as a direct employee for the end client.

Limited Company / Personal Service Company

This can be a very tax-efficient way of working as an independent contractor.


  • Our accountancy service is provided through our sister company Walker Smith Global, the award winning specialist in contractor accounting.
  • We set you up with your own limited company so you can carry out your work via this legal entity.
  • Your limited company can be registered in the UK or your country of origin. You’ll become the shareholder and an employed director. We’ll help you through the set-up.
  • Once you’re working, we invoice your clients, run your monthly payroll and guide you how to reduce your tax bill and be tax compliant.
  • We also arrange your personal, VAT and corporate tax returns, and make sure you’re within IR35.


This is right for independent contractors categorised as self-employed through our employment status indicator test.


  • We register you as an independent contractor for self-employment in the appropriate tax jurisdiction. Then we look after invoicing and cash collection on your behalf.
  • You’ll pay your taxes in the territory where you submit your tax return.
  • We can help you manage your affairs so you can pay these at the end of the fiscal year.
Global contracting services
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