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International payroll solutions all in one place

If you’re asking now: “What employment or trading model should I be using?” and: “How can I get international payroll processing, with all the tax, legal and regulatory issues covered, for my target country or countries?” – you’re in the right place.

Wherever in the world your overseas contract is, we’ll get you or your team, paid fast and tax efficiently.

We operate as a payroll management company across almost 100 countries via our international network. We’ve clocked up almost two decades of global expertise supplying compliant agency payroll and contract management solutions to individual overseas contractors and entire project teams.

So, whether you’re an international recruitment agency or an independent contractor, you can rely on us to provide you an efficient and tax compliant international payroll solution.

International payroll solutions explained

The best employment or trading model is different for everyone and depends on various factors. These include: job role, contract length, pay rate, country of work, and the end client.

We look at each situation individually. Then we help you decide the best model for your international payroll processing and guide you through the process.

We don’t just set you up and forget about you. Once you’re onboard with us, you’re part of the Link Global Management team.

Employed / Umbrella option

The employed ("umbrella") model is a straightforward no-hassle payroll processing solution that’s good for short-term overseas contracts.


  • Link Global Management, or one of our in-country partners, services you, the contractor, as a legally registered employer in the country of work.
  • You retain full employment rights of the country of work.
  • We take care of all paper work, invoicing and legal and tax compliance.
  • We invoice your end client, take payment and calculate all taxes. PAYE payment is then made through our payroll.
  • The salary benefits are better than those of a direct employee for the end client.

Limited company / Personal Service Company

The limited company model can be a very tax-efficient solution for independent overseas contractors.


  • Our accountancy service is provided through our sister company Walker Smith Global, the award winning specialist in contractor accounting.
  • We set up and incorporate the contractor’s new limited company.
  • This can be registered in the UK or the contractor’s country of origin.
  • The contractor becomes a shareholder and an employed director of their Limited Company.
  • Once they’re working, we can invoice all relevant clients and help them manage their monthly payments through dividends and salary.
  • We give guidance on how to reduce their tax obligations while remaining tax compliant.
  • We also take care of all personal, VAT and corporate tax returns.


The self-employment model is suited to independent contractors identified as self-employed through our employment status indicator test.


  • We help contractors get registered for self-employment in the appropriate tax jurisdiction.
  • Our team looks after all the invoicing and cash collection.
  • In this case, their taxes are payable in the territory where the tax return is submitted. We can help them keep track of their earnings, so they keep enough aside to pay them.
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