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We Make Overseas Contracting Efficient, Secure and Simple.

At Link Global Management we have been looking after international contractors for more than 15 years. Our professional overseas contractors work in lots of sectors, including oil & gas, energy, IT and Telco, construction and engineering.

We specialise in finding the best possible tax compliant solution for you, taking care of any challenges you might encounter and above all, delivering an outstanding solution that covers you throughout your time contracting abroad.

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At Link Global Management, We're Committed To:


  • Giving you top-notch customer service
  • Finding the best possible tax compliant solution for you
  • Getting your invoices paid on time, with no nasty tax surprises
  • Answering all your questions and helping you relocate
  • Sticking up for you if you hit challenges
  • Charging you a transparent fee with no hidden costs

“The customer care team always provide the required support within a quick time frame.”

A. Taylor  |  Engineer


Our global reach

We work with contractors across the globe, delivering efficient and tax compliant solutions to a huge variety of professionals.

Where are they working? In Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, China and the Far East, the Americas and elsewhere. From our UK HQ, we’ll get you paid in almost 100 countries via our international network of offices and in-country providers.

We know that tax can be, well, taxing. So we’re tax-efficient and tax-compliant. Then you can get on with enjoying your life overseas, knowing everything’s sorted and legal. And that you’re getting the best pay packet you can.

Having been in the business for years means our friendly staff can help you with all your questions too. Whether they're about your relocation, health insurance, local social security, visas, work permits, and more.

Plus, we’ve got you covered with all the professional insurances you’re likely to need. That includes Employers Liability, Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity.

We don’t just set you up and forget about you. Once you’re onboard with us, you’re part of the Link Global Management team.

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