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Many of your preconceptions will be dispelled when you contract in Russia

Russia may not exactly be a destination that looms large on the ‘must-do’ lists of very many international contractors from the West, but this is unquestionably a country that offers rewards and stimulations well beyond the income you will gather while contracting here.

Whether you refer to the country as Russia or the Russian Federation, this transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and North Asia is so much more than the largest nation in the world by area.

Indeed, the sheer diversity of Russia’s sprawling landmass is at least as captivating as its vastness, with its combination of icy Siberian wastelands, deep lakes, glacier-capped mountains, extensive forests and even alluring beach resorts offering the typical contractor here plenty to explore during their off-time.

This is without us even touching on the rich artistic, cultural and political heritage evident across the breathtaking architectural treasures of such key cities as Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. If you do choose to contract here, it is likely that you will be based in the western, European part of the country, where more than three quarters of the Russian population live.

The basics of obtaining Russian contracting roles

With opportunities available in Russia in such industries as oil and gas, software development, IT project management, business analysis and telecommunications, you may be surprised by how valuable your skills prove to be in the country.

It is generally necessary, however, for any foreigner wishing to work in Russia to hold a work permit, while the prospective employer or purchaser of work (services) must also hold a valid employer permit if they are to hire such an individual.

The Russian work permit is better known as the Russian Work Visa, and the difficulty of contracting in Russia is worsened by the fact that this permit is tied to a single employer. This means that for each new contract you take on in the country, you will normally need to obtain a new work permit.

However, this is also why you may look for an umbrella company that can serve as your permanent employer in Russia, sponsoring you for your Russian work permit to save you from having to change your permit whenever you switch to a new contract.

Let us help to relieve your worries as a contractor

Would you appreciate advice and assistance from skilled and seasoned experts in global PEO services, like those that we can provide here at Link Global Management?

We can play an instrumental role in taking much of the stress out of your Russian contracting journey, so that you can focus on getting the best out of your personal and professional life during your time as an independent worker here.

Email our team or call us on +44 (0)20 3908 7997 today, so that you can begin to take advantage of the international contracting and payroll services that most ideally suit you.


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