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Netherlands employment figures reach record high, in great news for contractors

While there have long been many fine reasons to work as an independent professional in the Netherlands – including a fascinating and varied culture, major artistic and museum attractions and the broad range of sectors in which contractors can find roles – it seems another strong reason is the relatively low likelihood of unemployment here.

Indeed, the autonomous agency Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has recently released figures showing that the number of people in paid work in the Netherlands increased by an average of 17% each month over the last three months.

The even more eye-catching news, however, is that it all means there have never been more people in paid work in the country than there are now, with more than nine million people employed.

Significant falls in the number of people out of work

The last quarter has seen the number of unemployed people in the Netherlands decrease by an average of 7,000 every month. There were only 302,000 unemployed people in the country as of December, which equated to a 3.2% unemployment rate. Those without paid work signaled that they were readily available and had recently searched for a job.

However, there were 3.7 million people last month who were not in paid employment, for a range of reasons. Those in this particular group had not recently been on the lookout for a job, and nor were they readily available for work. These people were not, therefore, included in the CBS working population figures. The last three months have also seen a notable drop in the number of people in this group, by an average of 1,000 each month.

Could the Netherlands be the perfect contracting destination for you this year?

The Netherlands continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the Eurozone’s leading economies, with no shortage of opportunities for independent professionals in such sectors as professional services, energy supply and financial services. It’s therefore understandable why so many prospective overseas workers are carefully considering the country as their next stop.

Whether you take up a role in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or anywhere else in the Netherlands in 2020, here at Link Global Management, we would advise you to consult our complete online contracting in Holland guide, to ensure you always remain on the right side of local law.

Indeed, if you contact us directly, we would be pleased to assist you with the process of adjusting to your new professional and personal life in the Netherlands, including help with planning and the appropriate structuring of your work arrangements here. Don’t hesitate to call +44 (0)203 829 7221 or send us an email to discuss your specialized requirements.


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