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Spain: a land of sun, sea, sand… and lucrative contracting opportunities

Spain is such an archetypal holiday destination for many around Europe and beyond, synonymous with white sandy beaches, tasty tapas and Moorish castles simply begging for exploration, that it can be easy to overlook just how fruitful and rewarding a place it can also be to contract.

Make Link Global Management your choice of payroll vendor in Spain, and you can expect the assistance and guidance that will enable you to derive the maximum enjoyment – and minimum stress – out of your time working here. But what else should contractors know about Spain?

A country that has come a long way since the financial crisis

The late 2000s and early 2010s global economic slowdown was certainly perilous for Spain, but the country’s economy has rebounded impressively in the last few years.

Indeed, the Spanish economy recorded 2.5 per cent growth over the course of 2018, marking the fifth year in a row of solid economic growth, and even giving Spain the fastest growth rate of all of the big Eurozone economies.

Of at least as much relevance to someone contemplating contracting here, however, is the wide range of sectors in the country that continue to require the talent of independent workers from overseas. While the tourism industry still booms during the traditional peak months, such industries as construction, ICT, biotech, health and social services also present a range of openings.

But don’t be caught out by the legal and tax requirements!

The abundance of things for sun-seekers, history buffs and city slickers alike to see and do in Spain – as well as the fact that EU citizens don’t even need to obtain a work permit to be permitted to work here – can make it easy to forget about certain other crucial requirements.

There are, in fact, two general requirements that you must be aware of as a foreigner moving to Spain for any purpose: obtaining an NIE number and signing the foreigners’ register.

NIE is pronounced ‘near’, and is short for Numero de Identificacion de Extranjeros. An NIE number is the foreigners’ equivalent of the national identity number, known as a DNI, that all Spaniards have. The foreigners’ register, meanwhile, must be signed if you intend to spend 90 days or more in Spain.

If you are coming to Spain from outside the EU, you will not be able to start work until you have obtained a working visa and residency card. The sponsoring employer often assumes responsibility for helping their new worker to secure these documents.

Make us your dependable choice of payroll vendor in Spain

Finally, it is also strongly advised that even those seeking English-facing roles in Spain ensure they are capable in basic Spanish, given that firms in the country almost always expect professionals to speak the local language in some form.

Are you considering making Spain the next stop in your overseas contracting career? If so, our team can give you the benefit of the best-tailored and most informed services, advice and guidance.

Call +44 (0)20 3908 7997 for a suitably in-depth conversation with one of Link Global Management’s well-qualified and experienced experts.

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