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The essentials of contracting in Turkey

Turkey has long been a location of prime importance as the gateway between the West and central Asia; indeed, Turkish contractors are well-represented in these regions. If, meanwhile, you are a contractor from outside Turkey with an interest in working in the country, you are likely to find a particular abundance of opportunities being offered on major infrastructure work.

However, it is also true that it isn’t always straightforward to work as an independent contractor in Turkey, with various legalities relating to immigration, tax and admin work needing to be navigated.

How easy is it to secure contracting opportunities here?

As aforementioned, Turkey offers a good number of jobs for overseas contractors, especially with regard to construction and engineering. However, one of the most potentially onerous requirements is that of generally needing an employer sponsor if you are to secure the appropriate work permit and work visa for the country.

It’s sometimes difficult for independent workers to find clients that are willing to sponsor them, and even if they accomplish this, a new sponsor is needed each time the worker decides to take on a new contract. This can quickly cause paperwork to accumulate.

You also need to be aware of the local tax situation

Putting aside the matter of securing sponsorship from an employer, one of the other tricky aspects of life as a contractor in Turkey is ensuring compliance with the country’s intricate tax system.

You may still need to pay tax in your home country alongside that payable in Turkey, so you should make yourself aware of both Turkey’s tax laws and the legislation applicable in your home country in relation to overseas earnings.

Working on a permanent contract in the country is often preferable, as many companies employing you on this basis will handle your tax under the PAYE (pay-as-you-earn) system, thereby saving you from having to lodge a tax return yourself.

Allow us to lessen your worries as your payroll vendor in Turkey

The great news is that when you turn to Link Global Management, we can engage you on our payroll so that your income is paid by us in the form of a salary, allowances and expenses, and your tax and social security deducted at source on a PAYE basis. You’ll therefore be able to rest easy in the knowledge that payments will be made to the relevant authorities on your behalf.

We are far from just a basic payroll vendor in Turkey, also working in accordance with your personal circumstances and Turkish law to minimise your tax and social security liabilities where possible.

Don’t make serious mistakes while contracting in Turkey that could cost you a lot of money or even have serious legal repercussions. Instead, call upon our payroll services for Turkey contractors, making the most of our impeccable specialised knowledge and more than two decades’ experience of assisting international contractors like you to make the most of their lives and earnings.

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