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Visiting Lapland isn’t the only alluring opportunity for those who contract in Finland

When many of us think of the Nordic nation of Finland, particularly at this time of year, we may be initially inclined to picture the Lapland region to the very north of the country. It is to here – the famous home of Santa Claus himself – that many tourists flock, captivated by the opportunity to revel in the magical Christmassy atmosphere the area presents.

But of course, if you are contemplating becoming a contractor in Finland, it is not only the chance to do a spot of sightseeing that you will wish to think about and prepare for.

So, what are some of the legal, tax and practical issues you must be mindful of if you do spend time here as an independent professional?

How easy is it to become a contractor in this intriguing Northern European country?

This will naturally largely depend on your status. If you are an EU/EEA national, you will not require an employee’s residence permit. But if you are from outside the EU or EEA, you will not be able to work in Finland unless you have either an employee’s residence permit or an ordinary resident’s permit.

It is generally the former of these two types of permit that you will require, with an opinion needing to be sought from the employment office prior to the Finnish Immigration Service’s final decision.

One factor that may well help you to become a contractor in Finland is the country’s significant skills shortage, with recent reports indicating that as many as two thirds of businesses here are facing “considerable to moderate” difficulties finding skilled workers.

What about the tax situation?

If you spend less than six months contracting in Finland, you will have a limited tax liability, only being taxed on income sourced in the country. In the event of your time here exceeding six months, however, you will be liable for tax on your worldwide income. On this basis, your income will be taxable from day one of your contract, regardless of your contract length.

We can help you to make the smoothest transition to Finnish life

It’s not difficult to understand why so many prospective overseas contractors seek out opportunities in Finland. As well as the many professional openings that the country presents – thanks to a burgeoning economy driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology – the country has a reputation as one of the happiest and safest in the world, while providing favorable conditions for workers.

This does not mean, however, that you won’t face certain challenges in your efforts to plan and adjust to a new life as a professional in Finland.

Here at Link Global Management, we can provide the advice and assistance that will enable you to achieve as hassle-free a transition as possible, so that your time and efforts can be focused squarely on the personal and business opportunities Finland gives you.

Simply call +44 (0)203 829 7221 today to learn more about the global contractor accounting solutions that we can provide for your benefit when you are looking to contract in Finland.



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