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What kind of life awaits budding contractors in Malaysia?

When many independent professionals consider the merits of Southeast Asia as a region in which to seek contracting openings, Malaysia may not be the first destination that comes to their mind, especially given the appeal of neighboring Singapore.

However, much as Malaysia is an enduringly popular country in which to take a holiday on account of its captivating cities, jaw-dropping natural beauty and relaxed vibes, so contractors may be drawn to this vibrant and multicultural nation for many of the same reasons.

You’ll get to enjoy quite the lifestyle as a contractor here

For contractors from the West, Malaysia is at once fascinatingly exotic, and also somehow reassuringly familiar. The government system here, for instance, is closely modeled on the Westminster parliamentary system, while – despite the country’s official language being Malaysian – English is recognized and widely spoken, including in business.

Malaysia has recorded impressive GDP growth figures in recent years, thanks in part to highly productive oil and natural gas reserves, but also burgeoning technology and services sectors such as IT, sales and marketing, ecommerce, supply chain, banking and finance.

All of these factors – as well as the generally very low living costs, well-developed infrastructure, schools and medical care, and high level of friendliness and personal safety – could combine to give you a lifestyle that is rich in more ways than one when you set up as a contractor in Malaysia.

Is it straightforward to secure a contracting role in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, the process of trying to land a Malaysian contracting job in the first place can present a certain level of consternation, given that you probably won’t be able to obtain the appropriate work permit and work visa until you have an employer willing to sponsor you. Furthermore, you would need to secure a new sponsor every time you decided to take on a new contract.

This, and the mistakes that can easily be made by independent workers attempting to navigate the Malaysian tax system, can make it a very good idea to get in touch with a trusted professional employment organization to take much of the stress out of the process.

Here at Link Global Management, for example, we can engage you on our payroll and deduct your tax and social security at source on a PAYE basis, with the relevant payments being made to the authorities on your behalf.

On the subject of the tax system, Malaysia’s tax year corresponds with the calendar year, running from January 1 until December 31, and personal income tax rates rise as the worker’s income does, starting at 0% for the lowest earners and being capped at 28% for the most well-remunerated.

Link Global Management can make your new life easier

Could Malaysia be the most rewarding ‘outside’ contender among the destinations for your next contracting job? If so, we can help you to derive the greatest benefit from your time in Southeast Asia, by serving as your go-to professional employment organization.

Call +44 (0)20 3908 7997 for an in-depth discussion and advice tailored to your situation, in relation to everything from initial planning to the payroll services that would match your needs best.

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